As of February 8, 2014, the Google Apps User Groups have now transitioned to Google Enterprise Connect (GEC). Please visit GEC to join and participate in the Google Enterprise Community with other administrators and users. If you do not have access to GEC yet, please request access via this form.

If you were a member of the Google Apps User Groups you still have read-access to the forums listed below.

Thanks for your interest in our community and see you in GEC!


Global Users Google Group

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North America Users Google Group

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Europe Users Google Group

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Other Forums

EDUCAUSE Listserv (for Colleges and Universities only)

Administrative Assistants for Google Apps:

Share best practices, learn new tools, and build community with other assistants using Google Apps.

For Developers:

   A collaborative community of academics who use Google's tools and developer platforms for instruction 

and research. We are providing teachers and researchers with a platform to share their materials and 

communicate freely with other faculty worldwide. This is a great place for the academic community to 

make announcements about their work, highlight successes, publish research, exchange content, and 

share their enthusiasm and knowledge with each other.

   Provides training materials on Google technologies. Developers will learn and solidify their skills on many 

of our developer tools and APIs. We've launched with courses covering a variety of services like Google App 

Engine, Google Drive, YouTube, and our many advertising APIs. This is just the start, as we'll add new 

lessons regularly.

   A place for developers to connect face-to-face with Google engineers as well as each other in a live setting.